Thriving in a Multi-Generational Workforce

An Executive Education Workshop

In today’s workforce, managers are increasingly grappling with the ripple effects of generational differences in the work place. Differing values, mindsets and communications styles combined with the increase in new technology, expectations and ideals can cause surmountable friction in ever-changing teams. 

What impact does effective multigenerational leadership have on your organization’s ability to thrive in tomorrow’s business landscape?

As Millennial’s surpass Boomers and Gen X as the largest generation in the workforce and as organizations start to prepare for the next generation “iGen”, there has never been a more crucial time for leaders to understand, adapt and change how they lead their multigenerational workforce. Just as organizations are constantly challenged to adapt to rising trends, how leaders cultivate their employees has a direct impact on the ability to attract and retain talent. 

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Brooke Chestnut

Brooke Chesnut is a generational expert that consults, trains and mentors organizations to improve profitability. He has the vitality to engage the millennial generation, the wisdom to educate the senior level workers and the experience to connect the millennial characteristics to all the generations for organizational success. With 30 years of experience in sales, mentoring programs and consulting work, Brooke’s passion for these disciplines resonates with the millennial generation to directly and positively impact their performance in the workplace. 


Learning Objectives

  • Understanding facts, values and mindset of each generation
  • Effective communication strategies for leading differing generations
  • Cultivating talent through generation-specific professional development
  • Navigating the “freedom economy”
  • Preparing for iGen, the youngest generation
  • Identifying and retaining top talent within each generation
  • Sparking innovation to stay ahead of competition
  • Increasing productivity of your multigenerational workforce
  • Developing a company culture that attracts younger talent and customers
  • Leading the five generations in the workplace

Program Details

Program Date:
July 20 8:30 AM - 3:30pm
July 21 8:30 AM - Noon

University of Denver Campus


Anastasia Button

Anastasia is the author of #NewJobNewLife: The Millennial’s Take-Charge Plan For Success, an in demand business consultant for attracting and leading Millennials, an international speaker, and has 100% success rate as a Millennial career coach.

As a Millennial herself, Anastasia teaches employers, businesses, associations and groups how they can benefit being leaders to the Millennial generation.